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Plenary Speakers

John Maxwell

John Maxwell is Director of the Canadian Institute for Studies in Publishing at SFU, and an Associate Professor in the Masters of Publishing program at SFU. His research & teaching focus is on the impact of digital technologies in the cultural sector (and particularly books and magazines), the history of digital media, and the emergence of digital genres and mythologies. Maxwell has been working in the Internet and new media since the early 1990s. His professional background includes web development, content management, electronic publishing, SGML & XML, learning technologies, and virtual communities. John was a member of the first Master of Publishing cohort at SFU in 1995/96. [Video]

Miriam Posner

Miriam Posner is the Digital Humanities program coordinator and a member of the core DH faculty at the University of California, Los Angeles. She teaches in the DH program, advises undergraduate and graduate students, and ensures the smooth development of this interdisciplinary program. A member of the executive council of the Association for Computers and the Humanities, Posner frequently writes and speaks on digital humanities, as well as on the history of technology, particularly the history of medical imaging. Her book, Depth Perception, on twentieth-century medical filmmaking, is under contract with the University of North Carolina Press. Her Ph.D., from Yale University, is in Film Studies and American Studies. [Video]

Ray Siemens

A leader of collaborative, transformative, interdisciplinary scholarship and pedagogy, Ray Siemens is Canada Research Chair in Humanities Computing and Distinguished Professor in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Victoria, in English with cross appointment in Computer Science. He is also Visiting Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Digital Humanities at King's College London, and has been Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute for English Studies London (2005, 2008) as well as Visiting Professor at Sheffield Hallam U (2004-11), Ritsumeikan U Kyoto (2010), and New York U (2013); in 2014, he is Visiting Professor at U Passau, U Western Sydney, and U Tokyo. [Video]

John Willinsky

PKP's Director, John Willinsky is Khosla Family Professor of Education and Director of the Program in Science, Technology, and Society at Stanford University, Professor in Publishing Studies at SFU, and Distinguished Scholar in Residence at the SFU Library. John started PKP in 1998 at the University of British Columbia in an effort to create greater public and global access to research and scholarship through the use of new publishing technologies. He is the author of, among other books, Empire of Words: The Reign of the OED (Princeton, 1994); Learning to Divide the World: Education at Empire’s End (Minnesota, 1998); Technologies of Knowing (Beacon 2000); and The Access Principle: The Case for Open Access to Research and Scholarship (MIT Press, 2006). [Video]


Juan Pablo Alperin

Juan Pablo is an instructor in Publishing Studies, with research interests in scholarly publishing, and a collaborator on the Public Knowledge Project at Simon Fraser University. He is also a PhD Candidate at the Stanford University Graduate School of Education. He is currently involved in several research initiatives aimed at improving the quality, impact, and reach of scholarly publishing in Latin American, and has published numerous articles and edited two books on the subject . He can be be found at juan@alperin.ca and on Twitter at @juancommander. [Video]


Alyssa Arbuckle

Alyssa Arbuckle is Assistant Director, Research Partnerships & Development, in the Electronics Textual Cultures Lab (ETCL) at the University of Victoria, where she also works with the Implementing New Knowledge Environments (INKE) group. Alyssa holds a BA Honours in English from U British Columbia and an MA in English from U Victoria. Her research interests include digital humanities and new media in general, and digital editions in particular. Twitter: @arbuckle_alyssa  [Video]

Rebecca Dowson

Rebecca Dowson is the Digital Scholarship Librarian at Simon Fraser University Library. Rebecca holds a BA Honours in History and a Master of Information Science from Western University. Prior to her current position, Rebecca was the Liaison Librarian for English Literature and History at SFU. Her research interests include the intersection of libraries and digital humanities, with a particular interest in digital cultural heritage projects, and new forms of scholarly publishing. Twitter: @Reb_D [Video]

Workshop Speakers

Sandra Singh

Sandra joined Vancouver Public Library as its Chief Librarian in December 2010. She joined VPL after serving as the Director of the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre at the University of British Columbia. Prior to that, she worked at the Vancouver Public Library, first as the Director of Branches East/South and Outreach Services, followed by Director of Systems and Special Projects.

While at VPL as a Senior Director, Sandra served as the National Director of the HRSDC-funded national demonstration project /Working Together/, which sought to evolve new ways of working with socially excluded community members, led the VPL website redesign process, and initiated and ran the province-wide Beyond Words program.

Prior to VPL, Sandra served as Port Moody Public Library's Manager of Library Services, as a Cybrarian at Vancouver's online learning community Suite101.com, as a reference librarian and cataloguer in Abilene (TX), and as a cataloguer at Calgary Public Library.

In the past, Sandra served on the BCLA Board, was a co-editor of the PNLA Quarterly, was a founding Board member of the Centre for Equitable Library Access, and served on the Board of Triage Emergency Services and Care Society. Sandra is currently the President of the Canadian Library Association.

Larissa Ringham

Larissa is a Digital Projects Librarian at the University of British Columbia Library. She holds a BA Honours in Near Eastern Studies and a Master of Library and Information Studies (MLIS) from the University of British Columbia. Larissa manages a variety of digital projects at UBC including digitization and web archiving projects, and is involved in partnerships with faculty and student groups to develop digital humanities initiatives at the Library and beyond. Her areas of interest include the ways in which libraries can aid the work in digital humanities, and their significance in teaching, learning and research.

Michael Felczak

Michael has been engaged with online scholarly publishing since 2005 in various capacities as a developer, online editor, and researcher. In addition to helping out with PKP's publishing services and development, Michael has also taught and published on the societal benefits of open source publishing software, network neutrality, and communication rights in a digital world. Michael holds a PhD and MA in Communication from Simon Fraser University and a BMath in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo.

Alex Garnett

Alex is a Digital Preservation and Data Curation specialist at SFU. His work with PKP includes document parsing and data archiving research projects.

Bronwen Sprout

Bronwen is the Head, Digital Programs and Services at UBC Library where she oversees the Library's digitization, digital repository, and digital preservation activities. Bronwen is the PKP PLN Coordinator.

Mark Jordan

Mark is Head of Library Systems at Simon Fraser University Library. His current areas of activity include implementing various digital preservation services (including the new PKP Private LOCKSS Network), and leading the migration of the SFU Library's local digital collections to Islandora.

Lightning Talkers

Terry Anderson, Rory McGreal, Dianne Conrad - "Article Formats: Comparing Use and costs"

Natacha Beau, Laurence Bénichou - "European Journal of Taxonomy: assessment of an open, collaborative project"

Bo┼żana Bokan, Christina Riesenweber - Networking for OJS: the German initiative OJS-de.net

Gideon O. Burton - "Open | Controlled | Provisional: Three Digital Epistemologies"

Kortney Capretta - "Altmetrics in practice: making the most of your data"

Hillary Corbett - "Advancing the Creation, Dissemination, and Validation of Digital Scholarship on Campus"

Alexander Elizarov, Evgeny Lipachev, Denis Zuev - "Using Open Journal System in “Lobachevskii Journal of Mahematics”

Ronnie Fagundes de Brito, Milton Shintaku - "OJS User Interface for Sign Language"

Carola Fanselow - Language Science Press

Roger Gillis - "Helping users help themselves: Knowledge management for Scholarly Publications"

Harriette Hemmasi - "Promoting the Development and Acceptance of Interactive Digital Monographs"

Nicholas Homenda, Shayna Pekala - "Migrating History: Using OJS to streamline XML publishing workflows for the Indiana Magazine of History"

Adam Hyde - "Building HTML First Publishing Systems"

Inba Kehoe - "Coverage of Canadian Journal publishers’ article archiving permission policies in the SHERPA RoMEO database"

Andrea Kosavic - "Random or reasoned? Design and the scholarly journal article"

Andrea Kosavic, Jacqueline Whyte Appleby, Jeanette Hatherill, Karen Meijer-Kline - "What's in a Name? Self-Identifying as a Publisher or Host"

John D Lees-Miller - "Overleaf: Scientific Writing and Publishing in the Age of the Cloud"

Rory McGreal - "Open education in Canada 2015"

Matthew Murray - "Herding Cats: Creating a student run OJS journal in a library school"

Michael Nason - "Markdown as a Simple Solution for HTML and PDF Galleys in OJS"

Ernesto Priego - "Streamlining Deposit: An OJS to Repository Plugin"

Helmer-Arley Soto-Rueda - "Digital preservation of scientific electronic journals in Colombian: a case study"

Adrian Stanley - "Digital Science and UberResearch: insights into the future, research fund analysis shows trends 3-8 years ahead of publication"

Marco Tullney, James MacGregor - "Towards a proper translation ecosystem for PKP applications"

Lisa Tweten, Kat Solberg, Chelsea Gardner - "The Writing’s on the Wall: Open Access Tutorials for Epigraphic Studies"

Anne Vikhrova - "Towards an experimental framework for evaluating the quality of crowdsourced manuscript transcriptions"

Dulip Withanage - "Innovative Reader Interfaces in the Humanities and Social Sciences"

Silvio Carvalho Neto, Daniel Facciolo Pires, Leandro Borges - "Researcher Web Portal concept based on Big Data: A proposal of an integrated web system to manage scientific research lifecycle" 

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