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Using Open Journal System in “Lobachevskii Journal of Mahematics”
Denis Zuev, Evgeny Lipachev, Alexander Elizarov

Last modified: 2015-06-25


In 2013 in Kazan (Russia), we started project of creation own scientific e-journal management system, based on Open Journal System. Our research can be divided into three main directions.

Electronic scientific publishing systems are not limited only by providing remote paper submission services to scientific journals and further processing to final publication. They also may be responsible for discovering and granting access to all existing content and provide advanced search services in the appropriate digital collections, so they fully implement the functionality of digital libraries. It means that, scientific e-journal can be considered as a scientific digital library, which operates on journal articles as information objects. First direction of research is creating a universal technological model of scientific e-journal management system.

Another key moment is to extend functionality by creating special plugins and function that are needed in mathematical journals. For example, we need some additional plugins to automate the processing of scientific electronic documents and converting them to structured e-documents. Using services created by the proposed method, we performed structuring and marking up of a large volume of electronic storage containing the periodical issues in mathematics in digital repository of Lobachevskii Journal of Mathematics. The transformation algorithm of mathematical e-documents is based on their syntax analysis. A module of automation of semantic processing of documents written in TEX-notation was developed to extend functionality of OJS instance. The module checks for compliance of the loaded document with the editorial rules (validation), generates reports on the results of validation, compiles and extracts metadata from the TEX-document.

Third main direction of research is how to create cloud-publishing service for Russian scientific e-journals. We try to develop a business model that could convert a beta-version of the system into high-quality web service for e-journals that will correspond all user’s expectations in this field.


digital libraries; Semantic Web; metadata extraction; mathematical notation; electronic publications; Open Journal System