PKP International Scholarly Publishing Conferences, PKP Scholarly Publishing Conference 2015

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Towards a proper translation ecosystem for PKP applications
Marco Tullney, James MacGregor

Last modified: 2015-05-07


In this talk we discuss the ongoing, systemic improvement of the overall PKP translation infrastructure, including: improvements to the core PKP applications (specifically, how translations are managed and displayed by the applications); changes in the way PKP manages contributions (prioritizing contributions via Github rather than email/tar file); and changes to the overall organizational structure and communication channels for translators and the project as a whole (creating a translation manager role; using a mailing list; and focusing on the PKP wiki for overall translation documentation and attribution). We focus on the changes we have made to date, and those that we wish to make as we improve PKP's multilingual capacity and community.


software translation; i18n; multilingualism

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