PKP International Scholarly Publishing Conferences, PKP Scholarly Publishing Conference 2015

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What's in a Name? Self-Identifying as a Publisher or Host
Andrea Kosavic, Jacqueline Whyte Appleby, Jeanette Hatherill, Karen Meijer-Kline

Last modified: 2015-07-21


An examination of the Library Publishing Directory and recent library publishing literature suggests some variability in self-identifying practices between academic libraries engaged in publishing and hosting activities. With so much overlap in workload, why do some libraries choose to identify as publishers, while others are hosts? Where does hosting end and publishing begin, and how do libraries decide how to self-identify? Are choices made based on library size, university press relationship, and history? What does nationality have to do with it? In the spring of 2015, the research team conducted semi-structured interviews with scholarly communications staff at eight institutions across the US and Canada, asking questions about policies, practices, and philosophies. This lightning talk will discuss the preliminary results of these interviews.

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