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PreConference Session

Transitioning to Open Access: Canadian Library Association (CLA) Preconference Session
Heather Joseph, Heather Morrison, Kathleen Shearer

PreConference Workshops

PKP Technical Workshop ODP
Alec Smecher, Kevin Stranack
OJS in an Afternoon Workshop HTML
Kevin Stranack, Jon Whipple, Mia Quint-Rapoport
PKP Software Plugin Session ODP
Alec Smecher, MJ Suhonos


Keynote Presentation MP3
John Willinsky

Plenary Sessions

Publishing Cooperatives PPT MP3
Raym Crow
Google Scholar Digitization Initiatives
Anurag Acharya
PKP and Leading Edge Developments ODP
Alec Smecher, MJ Suhonos, Mark Jordan, Kevin Stranack
Open Medicine: New Standards of Access and Independence PPT MP3
Anita Palepu
Open access: Necessary but not sufficient MP3
Michael Geist

Journal editors, publishers, researchers in scholarly publishing

PKP and its Digital Humanities 'Readership' PPT
Ray Siemens
Challenging ISI Thomson Scientific's Journal Citation Reports: Deconstructing "Objective", "Impact", and "Global" PDF
Isagani Cruz
OJS in Brazil: A report on Ibict's implementation and technology transfer of PKP's OJS PPT
Ramón Fonseca
The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy's Publishing and Funding Model: What it Means for Open Access and the Library Community MP3
Edward Zalta
New Models of Peer-Review: Implications for the Different Roles Journals Play in Scholarly Communities PDF PPT
David Solomon
The Impact of Open Journal Systems on a Mexican Journal PPT
Alejandro Cabello-Pasini
Open Access Web-Only Peer-Reviewed Journal for Radiology Case Reports: Development and Implementation PPT
Felix Chew, *Michael Richardson, *Kira Lichtenfeld, *Annemarie Relyea-Chew
Opening up scholarly information at the University of Illinois at Chicago PPT MP3
Nancy John, Edward Valauskas, Mark Mattaini, Mary Case
Using a Tetradic Network Method and a Transaction Cost Economic Analysis to Illustrate an Economic Model for an Open-Access Medical Journal PDF MP3
Michael Mills, *Judah Thornewill, *Robert Esterhay
Living Reviews - Open Access Online Publications
Christina Weyher
Lessons learned from a decade of open access publishing: The Resilience Alliances experience PPT
Michelle Lee
A Case Study of Online Publishing at CJC-Online: Experiences, Insights, and Considerations for Adoption
Michael Felczak, Rowland Lorimer, Richard Smith
Reading Research Online: Ways of Enhancing Scholarly Reading Environments
Peter Arthur
Web access to social science journals in Latin America and the Spanish Caribbean - the case of CLACSO´s network PPT MP3
Dominique Babini
Scholarly Publishing Initiatives at the International Rice Research Institute: Linking Users to Public Goods via Open Access PDF
*Albert Borrero, *Mila Ramos, *Gene Hettel, Sylvia Katherine Lopez
Liberation and Struggle: An Editor/Publisher's Experience with Open Access MP3
Mark Mattaini
OJS- MP3 Article Usage: A pilot study PPT
Kathy Killoh, Paula Smith, Shubhash Wasti
A Multi-dimensional Approach to the Study of Online Annotation
Rick Kopak, Chia-Ning Chiang
Synergies: The Canadian Information Network for Research PPT MP3
Erik Moore
Establishing an on-line editorial and publishing system: One year experience with Journal of Research in Medical Sciences PPT
Mahmoud Saghaei
Creating Scholarly Communities and Fostering Innovation
Gregg Gordon
When Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioners Use PubMed: Responses of 18 Practitioners to Searching and Retrieving Knowledge in Pubmed PPT
Mia Quint-Rapoport
Automated XML pagination workflows in the big league PPT
Adrian Stanley
Moving beyond the print versus electronic binary in scholarly publishing
Shana Kimball
Beyond the Experiment: The Scholarly Publishing Office and the Maturation of Library-Based Publishing
Maria S. Bonn
New publishing models for scholarly communication and the Brazilian open access policy PPT PDF
Sely M. S. Costa, Hélio Kuramoto Shifting the paradigm in linguistics from academic publishing to scholarly communication PPT
*Dieter Stein, Cornelius Puschmann
A Professional Reading Environment, Modeled for a Renaissance English Knowledgebase PPT
Ray Siemens
teiJournal: Online and Print Journals through XML
*Martin Holmes, Karin Armstrong
Scientific Journal Publishing in India: Promoting electronic publishing of scholarly journals in India
Thomas Abraham, *Suvarsha Minj
Creating an Open Scholarly Archive on Paulo Freire MP3
Joe Kincheloe
Scholarly communication, open access, and the granularity issue MP3
Jean-Claude Guédon
DiPP - An Open Access Initiative for Scholarly Communication PPT
Cordula Nötzelmann, Peter Reimer
Strengthening African Research Culture and Capacities Project
Samuel Smith Esseh
Scholarly publishing in sub-Saharan Africa in the twenty-first century: challenges and opportunities PDF
Ezra M. Ondari-Okemwa
Journal Publishing in China - Inside and Outside View PPT
Adrian Stanley

Librarians and information specialists

The National Library of Australia: open access to Open Publish PPT PDF MP3
Slobodanka (Bobby) Graham
Indian biomedical journals and Open Access: a case study at Indian Medlars Centre (IMC), New Delhi, India
Naina Pandita, Sukhdev Singh
Librarians as campus OA leaders: the University of Alberta experience PPT
Pam Ryan
Rethinking Collections: Libraries and Librarians in an Open Age PPT PDF
Heather Morrison
Newfound Press: Digital Imprint of The University of Tennessee Libraries HTML PPT
Linda L. Phillips
Open access publishing and the repository - a strategy for sustainability PPT
Sten Christensen, *Ross Coleman
The role of Vietnamese governmental libraries in supporting and developing emerging or alternate forms of scholarly communication
*Hoang Kim Dung, Le Thuy Duong
Embracing Electronic Scholarly Publishing in Africa ; The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Library, Kumasi, Ghana as a Case Study PDF PPT
Helena Asamoah-Hassan
Survey of Librarian Attitudes about Open Access PPT
Emily Dill, Kristi Palmer
The State of Acquisition, Organization and Use of Open Access Information Resources in Cameroon University Libraries: The Case of the University of Buea and University of Yaounde I Libraries. PPT PDF
Charles Kiven Wirsiy
A content management strategy - implementing OJS and OCS at Swinburne University library. PPT MP3
Teula Morgan
The Library as a mediator for e-publishing. A case on how a library can become a significant factor in facilitating digital scholarly communication and open access publishing for less web savvy journals. PPT
Mikael K. Elbæk, *Lars Nondal
A Critical Theory of Library Technology: Libraries & Electronic Publishing
Ajit Pyati
Partners PPT
Astrid van Wesenbeeck, Martin van Luijt

Open source software developers

Interoperable epublishing software components
Robert Forkel
OJS goes mobile - An investigation of how to adapt OJS to meet the needs of mobile users
Shubhash Wasti, Lawrence Poon
SELF: a collaborative platform to share and create free contents about free software and open standards PDF
David Megias, *Jonas Oberg, *Wouter Tebbens, *Rafael Macau
Extending OJS into Cultural Magazines: The OMMM Project
John Maxwell
Open Source Software in Education in Africa PDF
Megan Watson
Needed--An OJS Plugin for Facilitating Journal-Based Continuing Education Activities: Specs To Guide Software Developers PPT PDF
Glenn M. Hymel, *Marcus A. Banks
PKP Development Priorities and Plans ODP MP3 MP3
PKP Development Team

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