PKP International Scholarly Publishing Conferences, PKP Scholarly Publishing Conference 2007

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Astrid van Wesenbeeck, Martin van Luijt

Last modified: 2007-07-14


In November 2006, Open Journal Systems was installed and evaluated
by a team of people from two departments within the Utrecht University
Library; Innovation & Development for the technical aspects and Igitur,
Utrecht Publishing & Archiving Services ( for the
operational aspects.

Igitur began publishing Open Access journals in 2000 and, with more
than 14 journals, is one of the biggest academic library players in the
Open Access Movement in the Netherlands. Igitur intends to expand its
operations substantially in the coming years with OJS.

The Utrecht University Library is focusing more and more on the full
integration of scholarly publishing activities in connection with virtual
communities. This year, the Library started the PARTNER Project which
intends to create virtual knowledge centres (VKC's). These VKC's are
researcher's workbenches with collaboration tools, research project
support and a knowledge base. We intend to include publication facilities
and possibly even integrate with our institutional repository.

With the idea of continuing to challenge conventional ways of working,
we will investigate how to integrate OJS within these VKC's. Thus far, we
have found OJS to be a rather conventional publishing tool, which is solid
and outstanding for traditional publishing, but we do not yet know
whether integration within the VKC's will ultimately be possible.

In this presentation for the first PKP Conference, we will share our OJS
experiences in relation to our vision and ambitions.

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