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A content management strategy - implementing OJS and OCS at Swinburne University library.
Teula Morgan

Last modified: 2007-07-14


Swinburne University of Technology library has developed a content management strategy aiming to improve the management, usability and accessibility of Swinburne content. This paper presents a case study on using the PKP OJS and OCS software to establish new library services to support online journal and conference publishing. These services are discussed in the context of a broader content management approach.

The paper will cover:
- why we did this - expanding our overall library services,
- how we did this - some of the practical issues with implementing the services; and
- some of the lessons that will shape future directions for our library services.

*The why*

Supporting open access
Swinburne library has made a commitment to supporting open access to research. We see an opportunity to enable open access from two directions - through archiving previously published material in an open access repository, and supporting open access publishing. The library has established an institutional repository and the online journals and online conferences services to support and encourage open access.

Supporting effective content management
The online journal and conference services form part of a broader approach by the library to support effective content management within the university as a whole, and with research outputs in particular. Content we've focussed on includes the comparatively ephemeral area of conference papers. The library saw a need to support conference organisers with easy to use, functional software that would not only support them running a conference, but could incorporate considerations of access to the conference publications in the longer term.

Promoting and disseminating Swinburne research
We're aiming to showcase Swinburne research, increasing impact and opening up opportunities for collaboration. Making research content available in an open and timely manner we've looked to methods and tools that can enhance the exposure and discoverability of our content.

*The how*

Swinburne Online Journals
The library has established the Swinburne Online Journals project to support open access online journal publishing by the university. The EJournal of Applied Psychology went live in 2005, and has regular issues since. There are a number of other journals in discussion at the university. The paper will discuss the implementation process for this service, covering both technical and organisational aspects.

Swinburne Online Conferences
The online conferences service is being established in 2007 on version 2 of the OCS software. There are a number of areas within the university eager to pilot this service. We'll step through the initial phases of the conferencing services, covering testing and implementation of the software, and evaluating and meeting the university community's needs.

*Moving forward*

The paper will discuss the lessons we learned through the implementation of these new online publishing services by the library. The lessons cover some practical tips on working with the software, through to some broader thoughts on the role of the library in managing and disseminating content for the university.

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