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Sharing the Wealth; Opening Funding PDF
Clinton Graham
Course Journals Supporting Social Justice: Developing Equitable Scholarly Communications Through In-Class Publishing Projects PDF
Karen Meijer-Kline, Kate Shuttleworth
Building Community, Building Open: Exploring the Value of Canada’s Library Publishers PDF
Sonya Betz, Doris Wagner
How Library Publishers Are Doing Big Things by Working Together PDF
Vanessa Gabler
Organizational Structures and Digital Skills Regarding OJS Adoption in Mexican Humanities Journals PDF
Néstor Daniel Martínez Domínguez, Ivonne Lujano Vilchis, Bárbara Rivera López
Moving Towards Sustainability: OJS Publishing at OsloMet University Library
Trude Eikebrokk
The PLAID Journal: An Open Access Gateway to Advance Our Knowledge of Diabetes PDF
Roxann Mouratidis, Martin Wood
A Diamond Open Access Platform at the University of Milan: A Valuable Tool for Research Dissemination
Paola Galimberti, Stefano Bolelli Gallevi, Rossella Filadoro
How the Danish National Open Access Platform Supports Open Access PDF
Jesper Boserup Thestrup
OJS: Innovating for Everyone
Pedro López Casique
Presentation of the OJS AmeliCA Community: Users and Developers
Joel Torres
OJS is Not Enough PDF
Jan Erik Frantsvåg


Open-Source Data Science Projects at eLife PDF
Daniel Ecer
Where Things Stand: PKP/Crossref Collaboration and Improvements for Crossref Members PDF
Michael Nason, Susan Collins
Typesetting XML with ConTeXt PDF
Denis Maier
Web accessibility in open access journals
Alexa Ramírez-Vega
Digital Library Services and Their Interoperability Based on GRID Technology PDF
Boufenissa Amel, EL-Maouhab Aouaoueche
Restructuring PKP's Approach to UX
Nate Wright
What We Talk About When We Talk About (Our) Language
E.L. Guerrero
Is Your Journal Open, Accessible, and Usable? Really? PDF
Israel José Cefrin da Silva
Interoperability in Action: All About the New OJS-ORCID Plugin
Gabriela Mejias, Dulip Withanage

Open Access

“At Risk Articles”: Leveraging Open Infrastructure to Recover and Preserve the Scholarly Record PDF
Jeanette Hatherill
Finding Our Own Direction: Open Monograph Publishing with Atla, OMP and Editoria PDF
Christine Fruin
Where Do We Go From Here? Libraries Adapting to Plan S and Funder Mandates
Marco Tullney
What's Wrong with Scholarly Publishing?
Rory McGreal
Creating a Multilingual Open Corpus of Academic Knowledge from OJS Journals
Pilar Sánchez-Gijón, Ramon Piqué
Outsourced Services Providers: The Other Actors in the Production of Open Access Latin American Scientific Publications
Ivonne Lujano, Julio Santillán-Aldana, Victoria Yance-Yupari
Is Publishing in High Impact OA Journals in Translation Studies a Chimera? HTML
Sara Rovira-Esteva, Raúl Coré, Anna Lopo, Montserrat Varona
Open Access Publication: Personal Strategies, Institutional Context and Digital Literacy
Noella Edelmann, Judith Schoßböck, Gabriela Viale Pereira
Walking Towards Plan S PDF
Carme Besson, Núria Álvarez, Marta Jordán
What Role Can Open Science Play in Enabling South-North Dialogues?
Johanna Havemann, Justin Sègbédji Ahinon
Subscribe-To-Open: Simplifying the Move of Subscription Journals to Open Access
John Willinsky, Alberto Corsín Jiménez

Lightning Talk

What’s New with PKP Documentation PDF
Kaitlin Newson
JATS for Judaica: Designing an XML-First Publication Workflow for a Humanities Journal PDF
Jan Stutzmann, Denis Maier
The Centre Mersenne: An Open Access Publishing Infrastructure for Scientific Publications Using LaTex PDF
Simon Chevance
Diamond Open Access Model Based on Text-Mining Tools and Services for Industry PDF
Sylvain Massip, Charles Letaillieur
Open Access in Small Sciences: Internet Policy Review PDF
Marcel Wrzesinski
Open Access Publishing in Scotland: A Shared Service Approach
Roza Dimitrellou, Adela Rauchova


Metadata Matters PDF
Michael Nason, Susan Collins
XML Publishing Workflow PDF
Dulip Withanage, Vitaliy Bezsheiko, James MacGregor