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DiPP - An Open Access Initiative for Scholarly Communication
Cordula Nötzelmann, Peter Reimer

Last modified: 2007-07-16


Digital Peer Publishing NRW (DiPP) was initiated in 2003 by the Ministry for Inno-vation, Science, Research and Technology of North Rhine Westphalia (Germany) to support scholarly communication and Open Access Publishing on the Internet. Whereas the initiative started out with eight eJournals in 2004, DiPP now features 13 eJournals covering a broad spectrum of disciplines like history, virtual reality, social sciences, etc.

We provide the technical, legal and organisational framework and tools needed by an editorial office to get an electronic journal up and running. On the technical side this includes the hosting and archiving of the eJournals as well as the adaptation of the design and workflows to the specific needs. A custom-build Open Access Licence, the Digital Peer Publishing Licence, protects the rights of the author and guarantees the free online availability of the publications.

The Platform was and is developed using mostly Open Source Software. The two core-components are the repository and the Content Management System. The Fe-dora Repository is used to store the Publications and acts as a OAI Service Provider, while the CMS Plone is used as a front-end. It provides the forms for document sub-mission, the workflow engine and can be further extended with blogs and forums for enhanced communication.

Just recently the cooperation with the University of Duesseldorf, which is participat-ing in the DiPP initiative with two eJournals in the field of English Language and Linguistics was intensified to support the formation of

Further details about DiPP can be found at our website at:

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