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Brazilian university uses Open Journal Systems for submission and assessment process of research projects
Israel José Cefrin da Silva, Clódis de Oliveira Andrades Filho, Erli Schneider Costa

Last modified: 2017-04-21


The need to deal with the entire process of research project evaluation so as to meet the deadlines and requirements of the public notices that foster science is inherent to institutions of higher education. Regarding the State University of Rio Grande do Sul (UERGS), this process used to occur via printed documents and files on CD. Three years ago, with the new Research Coordination, the process started to take place by email and, in 2016, the Coordination suggested the Open Journal Systems (OJS) should be used as a way to expedite the processes that were still limited as to their management by email. The OJS (known as SEER in Brazil) was already used for the Scientific Electronic Magazine of UERGS and started to be used in an innovative, creative way for the whole process of managing and archiving the research projects submitted to the Dean’s Office for Graduate and Research Studies (ProPPG). The process adapted the use of the OJS, which was meant for scientific magazines, in a way that it could be used to receive the projects, review them, send them to reviewers and inform  the authors about decisions in order to to optimize the time spent on the whole process and increase the net of project reviewers. After the implementation of this resource by the ProPPG, other Dean’s Offices at UERGS, such as the Extension´s Dean, started using the system to improve their internal processes. The use of the system brought agility, transparency and legitimacy to the whole process of submission of research projects by the teachers of the institution as well as the necessary perennity within the public scope.

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