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Leveraging OMP for OER and Open Textbooks
Roger Gillis

Last modified: 2017-04-21


The growth in the use of Open Textbooks and Open Educational Resources (OER) in postsecondary institutions has given rise to a number of tools that can be used in the creation of these Open Educational Resources, and Open Textbooks in particular. Various tools have been developed and used to collaboratively produce Open Textbooks and OER, and a range of different platforms have been used in the dissemination and preservation of Open Textbooks in attempt to bring them to a wider audience. So, how does Public Knowledge Project’s Open Monograph Press fare when it comes to Open Textbook production? Is there some untapped potential in this area for OMP? This presentation explores the potential of OMP in tandem with Open Type Setting stack as an Open Textbooks authoring and dissemination platform. Discussed as part of this lightning talk will be a discussion around OTS and OMP as they currently stand - and how they might be used as in Open Textbook/Open Educational Resource production workflows.

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