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Towards a More Open and Efficient Scientific Publishing
Kambiz Chizari

Last modified: 2017-05-31


The progress in technology had a great impact on people’s daily life, especially in the last two decades, by delivering new ways of communication, education, collaboration and sharing information. If we compare that to the evolution in the scientific publishing process during last hundred years, we realize very little have been upgraded regarding editing, peer review process, accessing scientific contents/data, etc. For the realization of any major change in the scientific publishing, we need to inform the research community about the existing issues and initiate constructive discussions around the subject. Recently, we developed a project called Colper Science with the aim of advancing the scientific publishing towards a more open and efficient system. We inform people about the concerns regarding scientific publishing through our podcast and social media hoping to trigger productive discussions in order to discover practical solutions. The future publishing systems can be evolved based on novel ideas derived from consultations among the research communities.

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