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Digital preservation of scientific electronic journals in Colombian: a case study
Arley Soto

Last modified: 2015-07-22


The long-term preservation of scientific e-journals has been treated with high standard practices by largest publishers and biggest libraries around the world. Initiatives like LOCKSS, CLOCKSS, Portico, and E-depot are good examples of services that provide both libraries and publishers a digital redundancy of digital works, so they are considered good practices to guarantee long-term access for users.  Some national libraries have also a key role in the preservation of scientific e-journals. However, these best practices are not a reality for small publishers or independent journals in Latin America.

National Libraries have a great opportunity to offer these kind of services for latin american scientific e-journals. This lighting talk shows a general description of digital preservation of scientific electronic journals in Colombia from an organizational viewpoint and highlights the key elements to improve it, including the role of national depositing agencies, open access policy and organizational requirements.


Digital preservation; Archiving; E-journals; Publishing

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