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Helping users help themselves: Knowledge management for Scholarly Publications
Roger Gillis

Last modified: 2015-05-07


One significant challenge that scholarly journals, conferences, and other publications face is that the institutional memory associated with many of their operations is often inaccessible as these publications move through a rotating cast of editors, managing editors, and various other roles associated with running these operations. These publications or entities take on an institutional memory of their own, often confined to the esoteric minds of one or a few individuals. When a publication's leadership turns over this memory often leaves along with other key knowledge associated with a particular publishing operation. While PKP software like OJS, OCS, and OMP have made significant strides in providing technical solutions to common administrative functions of running publishing operations, more work remains to be done in helping publications build and maintain their knowledge base in order that their publications continue to grow and thrive over time. Drawing particularly on best practices developed by the Canadian Association of Learned Journals, and the new PKP school, this presentation will discuss the importance of knowledge management for scholarly publishing strategies for supporting Knowledge Management for scholarly publishing operations. This lightning talk will serve as a thoughtpiece for exploring strategies to help users help themselves by assisting and editors and others working on scholarly publications with ways of documenting and sharing their workflows, practices, procedures within their communities in order to ensure that knowledge essential to these operations is maintained after they move on.


Scholarly Publications; Knowledge Management; Publishing operations

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