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Streamlining Deposit: An OJS to Repository Plugin
Ernesto Priego

Last modified: 2015-05-07


In this  brief "lightning talk" I will present a progress update of the initial phase of the Jisc-funded research and development collaboration between the Centre for Information Science and open access researcher-led publisher Ubiquity Press titled “Streamlining Deposit: An OJS to Repository Plugin.”

The cost of depositing an article in an institutional repository is £33-£36 according a 2014 Research Consulting report. It takes 48-52 minutes to deposit an article. This is likely to discourage many academics from depositing, limiting knowledge discovery and research advancement.

In 2016, the grace period for HEFCE’s (Higher Education Funding Council for England) mandate for immediate deposit on acceptance will end. This is a ticking time bomb that, without action, will result in the waste of time and money due to inefficient deposit practices.

At the time of writing Jisc funded the initial phase of a project to develop a suite of plugins for Open Journal Systems (OJS) to streamline article submission and depositing. We have aimed to create a plugin to integrate data depositing with Figshare by month 3 and Dryad by month 6. We will also develop a plugin to integrate OJS with the JISC Router by month 12.

Ernesto Priego from City University London leads the project. He specialises in online publishing for impact and widening participation. Andy Byers, Lead Developer at Ubiquity Press will lead development and coordinate integration. He is an active OJS developer. Stephann Makri from City University London will lead user-focused design and evaluation. He has provided UX expertise to the British Library, LexisNexis and Mark Hahnel from Figshare will provide support and advice.

The plugins will be initially piloted and tested on the OJS-based journal edited by the project leader, The Comics Grid: Journal of Comics Scholarship. Our most important success criterion is use, measured by number of plugin installations. Ubiquity press will install them on 75 journals.

We believe that in order to ensure widespread adoption amongst the OJS community it is essencial to present any progress at the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) conference 2015, where the direct feedback of the community will be essential and more immediate.

By the date of the conference we whould be able to present the completed OJS-figshare plugin and if further funding was received the OJS-Dryad plugin.





Open Access; Plugins; Repositories; Scholarly Publishing; Deposit; Development

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