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Herding Cats: Creating a student run OJS journal in a library school
Matthew Murray

Last modified: 2015-05-07


Creating a brand new journal with OJS? Challenging, but doable.

Creating every element of a student-run journal to publish student research with people who have little to no previous experience in scholarly publishing: At times seemingly impossible.

Learning the processes of creating and running an OJS journal at the same time as developing criteria and documentation for what a journal should even publish has been a complex, but incredibly rewarding experience. We've dealt with challenges related to sustainability (a high turnover rate in editors and contributors as most students are only at the school for approximately two years), responsibility (who does what, why they do it, when the deadlines are, and how come you've missed them?), and not having any idea of what we're doing.

Despite all of these problems the first, and hopefully not last, issue of See Also: The SLAIS Student Journal was published in 2015. You can (or will soon be able to) find the first issue at:

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