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Article Formats: Comparing Use and costs
Terry Anderson, Rory McGreal, Dianne Conrad

Last modified: 2015-05-07


In this short talk, we overview the International Review of Open and Distributed Knowledge (IRRODL) publishing research articles in multiple formats (HTML, PDF, MP3, ePub). As an Open Journal since inception (2001), we welcomed the features and supports available from OJS and were early adopters. We expanded formats as technology advanced and we were able to acquire the necessary skills, resources and tools.

We present data on article download numbers in each format over the past five years.

The result are two fold:

1. Download numbers on each modlaity show significant use of all 4 formats, but HTML and PDF are by far the most popular.

2. IRRODL is the most widely cited and downloaded journal in the distance eduction domain, perhaps related in some way to the availability of multiple formats for subscribers

These generally positive results, are balanced with a brief discussion of the costs, in terms of time and tools, necessary to publish the same work in multiple formats.



downloads, multiple formats, OJS, open access

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