Presentations and Authors

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Opening Keynote

Free? What's So Special About Learning? The Intellectual Property Argument VIDEO
John Willinsky

Plenary Sessions

Scholarly and Research Communication: A Journal and Some Founding Ideas VIDEO
Rowland Lorimer
Nothing in Scholarly Communication Makes Sense except in the Light of Open Access VIDEO
Leslie Chan
Ibero-American Systems for the Dissemination of Scholarly Journals: A Contribution to Public Knowledge Worldwide Presentation VIDEO
Ana Maria Cetto, Octavio Alonso, Saray Córdoba
Scholarly communication in the age of the commons - A southern perspective Presentation VIDEO
Subbiah Arunachalam
Publishing for a Global Culture VIDEO
Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o

Editor-Themed Sessions

Taking the Plunge: The Canadian Journal of Sociology from paper to electronic publishing Presentation
Kevin D. Haggerty, Laura C. Botsford
Being an Open Access Press - the first two years Presentation VIDEO
Frits Pannekoek, Walter Hildebrandt, Kathy Killoh, Shubhash Wasti
Visibility, quality and empowerment: the Journals Online Project at INASP
Sioux Cumming
Creating an Open Access Journal; Medical Students’ Prospective
Steven Andrew Plato II, Andrew James Wyman, David Solomon
Open Access CIM Journal Publishing: Editorial Essentials for Policies and Procedures Presentation
Glenn M. Hymel, EdD, LMT
Open Access journals copyright policies: An analysis of the information available to prospective authors Presentation
Marc Couture
Establishing a new open access journal in Africa: the case study of the African Journal of Primary Health Care & Family Medicine (PHCFM) Presentation
Pierre de Villiers
10 years experience with open access publishing and the development of open access software tools Presentation VIDEO
Gunther Eysenbach
Using Open Journal System to discuss human development and international cooperation: the experience of Universitas Forum Presentation
Roberta Pellizzoli, Sara Swartz
Questioning "Accessibility", Conceptualizing Diversity, and Practising Inclusion
Michael Felczak
On Open Humanities Press: A panel presentation by members of the OHP Steering Group Cohen Presentation Hall Presentation VIDEO
Gary Hall, Barbara Cohen
Open Access Journal Publishing in the Agricultural Sciences Presentation Paper Tables
Thomas Abraham, Nagaraj Vaidya, Vimal Kumar, Sridhar Gutam, Aneeja Guttikonda
An Online, Open Access, Student-Authored and Peer-Reviewed eJournal in Biotechnology Presentation
Oranmiyan Nelson, Clive Waldron, Terence L. Marsh, Jessica L. Knott, John M. Quick, Nathan T. Lounds, Timothy Barney, Brendan Guenther, George M. Garrity
Open Journal Systems (OJS) Software as used by African Journals OnLine (AJOL) Presentation
Susan Murray

Research-Themed Sessions

Publishing Freedom of Information: The Open Government Records Plugin for OJS Presentation
Mark Weiler
Understanding Impacts and Implementations of New Knowledge Environments VIDEO
Ray Siemens, INKE Team
Public Knowledge and Knowledge Mobilization: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Funding Policy in Canada, 1979-2009 Presentation
Johanne Provençal
Critical Mass is Critical – Creating Sustainable Scholarly Communication VIDEO
Gregg Gordon
Implementing Open Access in agricultural research: the experience of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation
Patricia Rocha Bello Bertin, Fernando César Lima Leite, Isaque Vacari, Victor Paulo Marques Simão, Marcos Cezar Visoli
Towards a new future for journal-article publishing Presentation VIDEO
Frederick Friend
Who knows what, when? Current and desired capacities for online journal statistics gathering and dissemination
Andrea Kosavic, James MacGregor
Open Journal System adaptation to postsecondary education improvement programs: a Brazilian experience Paper
Jeanne Dobgenski, Marcelo Augusto Cicogna, Adriano Thomaz
Do Not Press Print: What Can We Do to Keep the Reader Engaged in Online Use of Journals? Video
Rick Kopak, Chia-Ning Chiang
An Open-Access, Standards-Supportive Publication that Rapidly Disseminates Concise Genome and Metagenome Reports in Compliance with MIGS/MIMS Standards VIDEO
Oranmiyan W. Nelson, George M. Garrity
Knowledge production through scholarly publishing in Sub-Saharan Africa: a bibliometric analysis of the period 1996-2007
Ezra Ondari-Okemwa
The OJS Scholarly Community: Who is Doing What with OJS
Brian Edgar
Scholarly Publishing in Africa: The Online Potential, the Online Challenge
Samuel Smith-Esseh
New Forms and Forums: How Press Cooperatives Are Launched and Why It's a Good Thing
Shirley Steinberg, David Smith
Synergies panel presentation VIDEO
Michael Eberle-Sinatra, Erik Moore, Rea Devakos, Ray Siemens, Alec Smecher

Library-Themed Sessions

PKP Open Archives Harvester for the veterinarian academic community Presentation
Astrid van Wesenbeeck, Martin van Luijt
Building Content and Community: Digital Publishing Services at the University of Kansas
Brian Rosenblum, Scott Hanrath
UK Institutional Repository Search: A collaborative project to showcase UK research output through advanced discovery and retrieval facilities Presentation
Sophia Jones, Vic Lyte
Open Access and the Economics of Scholarly Communication VIDEO
Heather Morrison
New ground for research libraries: Conference Management Systems?
Heidi Drasbek Martinussen, Jette Thise Pedersen, Helle Damgaard, Kirsten Suhr Jacobsen
Providing an Incentive: Developing Publishing Services for Researchers Presentation
Sara Fuchs, Julie Griffin Speer, Heather Jeffcoat
Open Access Supports for Researchers in Canadian Universities
Devon Greyson, Donald Taylor
Making a university library a real support for research dissemination: the contribution of OJS and OCS Presentation VIDEO
Sely M. S. Costa
Legal Deposit at Library and Archives Canada and Development of a Trusted Digital Repository Presentation
Pam Armstrong, Susan Haigh
On library publishing and the Open Humanities Press: a panel presentation by the UCLA Library and the University of Michigan Library’s Scholarly Publishing Office Presentation VIDEO
Shana Kimball, Marta Brunner

Technical-Themed Sessions

Maximizing the Reach of a Graduate Research Journal Through Open Source Tools and Social Media
Rajendra Bose
Enriching Digital Citation Networks Using Web 2.0 Principles VIDEO
James Williams
Copenhagen Business School Library offer OCS as Conference Management System to their faculty.
Kirsten Suhr Jacobsen, Helle Damgaard Andersen, Peder Lærke Nielsen
Customizing OJS for Magazine Publishers
John Maxwell
Importing Backissues into OJS: Development of an OJS Import Script with Django Presentation
Syd Weidman
The latest developments in XML content workflows
Adrian Stanley
Website for CONICET´s academic publications Presentation VIDEO
Alberto Apollaro
Open Access in Brazil: IBICT's Initiative drives country's development Presentation Paper
Ramón Martins Sodoma da Fonseca
XML and Structured Data in the PKP Framework
MJ Suhonos and the Public Knowledge Project : Propositions to collaborate
Marin Dacos
Socializing and Disseminating the Academic and Intellectual Creation: Experiences from La Plata National University Presentation
Gonzalo Villarreal, Marisa Raquel De Giusti
The New Érudit Publishing Platform
Martin Boucher, Guylaine Beaudry

Preconference Workshops

Networkshop - Editors/Publishers
John Willinsky, Rowland Lorimer
Networkshop - Software Developers/Technical Experts
PKP Team Developers
Networkshop - Librarians/Information Specialists Presentation
Brian Owen, Kevin Stranack, Mark Jordan
OJS in a Morning Presentation
James MacGregor, Kevin Stranack
L8X in a Morning
MJ Suhonos, Anita Palepu, Juan Pablo Alperin
PKP Software Plug-in Workshop
Alec Smecher, Michael Felczak, Matt Crider
Walking the Talking with the CLA Open Access Interest Group
Lynn Copeland, Devon Greyson, Joy Kirchner, Heather Morrison, Leah Vanderjagt, Andrew Waller

Postconference Workshop

Workshop on Creating Open Access Journals
David Solomon, Caroline Sutton