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Copenhagen Business School Library offer OCS as Conference Management System to their faculty.
Kirsten Suhr Jacobsen, Helle Damgaard Andersen, Peder Lærke Nielsen

Last modified: 2009-06-08


Copenhagen Business School (CBS) Library, that are running the Copenhagen Business Schools web services, have in resent time experienced more and more demands for a professional online solution for conference organizers. We have in 2008 tested Open Conference System OCS, both with a test conference and a running conference, and we have decided to offer OCS as a conference management system to a larger number of conferences organized by CBS faculty.

From January 2009 CBS have launched a separate conference unit that can help faculty organize conferences. We are really excited to have found a solution that offers so many answers to academic conference organizers, but OCS needs improvement. We have begun the development of some new plugins /functions in OCS, and we would like to offer these improvements to everyone. We would like to know how we can participate in the decision making process on what comes in the next upgrades. Another possibility is a make the development as downloadable plugins.

We are in the process of forming a Danish national OCS center to organize development and to discuss experience with OCS. Besides CBS a number of other Danish universities have already decided to use OCS (Aalborg University, the IT-university, and The Danish technical University).

  • Multi conference site. OCS works perfectly to support one organization hosting many conferences. On the other hand it works less well for one-time conferences. In relation to that we need a more flexible way to use different features/templates for specific conferences. Examples of this are specific menu points and pages for specific conferences and specific registration forms.
  • Electronic Payment without Paypal. In Denmark we want to offer electronic payment without using Paypal. Instead we prefer the Danish system DIPS or PBS. Paypal is a good solution to smaller scale sales like Journals, but conferences often have turnovers of 150.000 Euro or 200.000 dollar and then fees become more relevant to discuss.
  • Design issues/css. It is a beautiful thought to have a scalable design by using percent, but it does not work well if people want pictures. Conference organizers are really conscience about design and we would love to share if anyone has written the CSS in pixels.

In general would we like to form a network where we can share experiences and discuss new developments with other institution that have similar problems. And perhaps it is time for OCS to stand more on its own feet and not necessarily follow the development of OJS.

Kirsten Suhr Jacobsen, Helle Damgaard and Peder Laerke Nielsen